Anemostat is the largest manufacturer of metal vision frames and door louvers in North America. Although their roots come from over seventy-five years in the Air Distribution / HVAC business, their Door Products division has been the leader in product quality, engineering and development for over forty years.

Now, as they expand into the international marketplace, including Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East and the South Pacific, we can offer a complete line of fire rated vision frames, door louvers, metal edges and astragals, security vision frames and louvers, for your wood or steel door needs. We can also provide a variety of glazing products with both fire and safety ratings.

Anemostat’s commitment to service at a competitive price is second to none. From their modern manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, California, Anemostat is uniquely equipped to fabricate from a standard line of quality products, or to provide jobs that may have a special design, shape or finish in accommodating your custom application requirement. When you deal with Anemostat, you deal with a company dedicated to getting the job done right.

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